Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The Run view allows the user to run and monitor his simulation file as
 it is represented in the input editor, and/or to create multiple runs
 using the input file as the basic input by overriding some parameters.


    Job         Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Queue               The drop down box allows you to select the submit
                          queue. You can define your own queues in the
                          Configuration dialog F6}

      Continue            Find the last random number seed file available for
                          the highlighted run and set it to the "Previous"
                          spin box

      Attach              flair will try to find in which directory the run
                          takes place in order to monitor the progress of
                          the run. Attach is done automatically when
                          submitting a job.

      Prev                Select the previous(last) cycle in case you want
                          to continue a run
- When the Prev field is zero (0) the run input will be re-generated and it will reflect the status of the mater input. - When the Prev field is not zero (>0) it will use the EXISTING run input, assuming that this is a continuation of the run No Number of cycles to be performed To Last cycle to run (To = Prev + No) automatically updated Refresh Ctrl-R Progress information is displayed at constant time intervals (~30 sec) defined the preferences dialog f4}. The refresh button will force the update of the progress information when pressed. Clean Delete all FLUKA generated files for the selected run. Its a good habit to clean before starting a new run. Stop Cycle Creates a "fluka.stop" file in the temporary directory created by fluka to make a clean stop the present cycle Stop Run Creates a "rfluka.stop" file in the temporary directory created by fluka to make a clean stop the present run Kill Issues a kill -SIGHUP command to the running process. If the user is using a batch system he has to substitute the kill command with the appropriate program
By kill the fluka run no file will be saved and all results collected up to this point will be lost Run Ctrl-Enter Submits a run using the submit command defined in preferences dialog f4}. Fields ~~~~~~ Title Title of the run Primaries Override the number of primaries to execute Rnd Random number seed. Time Time limit of run START
Exe FLUKA executable file
Reset to the default "Defines" cards Defines Preprocessor defines (enable/disable) and change the value. Leaving empty the value it will inherit the one from the master input To multiple-edit many runs: - select the desired runs - all fields will be disabled - Right-click on the field to enable and change it Progress Shows the progress of the run by peaking information from the fluka output file during runtime. Attaching process and progress monitoring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The dialog below the control buttons while change and it will be refreshed every half a minute (defined in the configuration dialog F6). During the execution the "Status" will change, initially to Waiting to attach, followed by Running and finally in Finished OK. The program is running decoupled from the flair editor, therefore if you click save on the project and exit the program. The next time you will open the program, flair will try to attach and display the current run status. WARNING if you don't save the project after the run the program will not know that there is a simulation being executed, and it will not try to attached to it. To force to attach click on the "Attach" button. Flair is trying to peek the run information only by looking the status of the output files. It doesn't make use of the system process information. This way it increases portability across different platforms, and batch systems (see the qfluka example for a substitution of the submit command). The default behaviour of FLUKA is to report the status of the run a few times during the whole run. There in very long runs flair could have difficulties in peeking the correct information. You could force more verbose output in FLUKA with the START card. Flair will be able to monitor the status only if the run takes place on the same directory. The drawback of this method is that takes some time to attach, and if many runs takes place at the same directory with the same name (highly not recommended) flair will prompt the user to select the current run to attach.
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