Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The Files view is a file browser for inspecting the files generated
 by FLUKA Run or after the Data processing. The user can limit the
 view by selecting only the appropriate run / cycles he wants to
 display. In the file list the user can inspect the data files and/or
 delete them.


 The frame is composed by 3 listboxes and a couple of action buttons on
 the side. The first listbox with the label "Run", contains a list of the
 different runs present in this project (Defined in the Run page).

 The second listbox with the label "Cycles", contains a list of the
 available cycles for the selected runs. It will display also the
 temporary fluka_XXXX directories that are related with the input file,
 and the special "directories":
    compile          containing all the output files produced when
                     building the fluka executable
    data             containing all the output files that are produced
                     after Data merging.
    plot             all plotting files generated by flair

   Files        Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Ascii               Convert the binary files to ASCII (USRBINs)

      Delete     Del      Delete selected files. If all files in a fluka_XXX
                          directory are deleted the directory will be removed also

      Refresh    Ctrl-R   Refresh the file list

      Filter              Narrow the file list display only to files with a
                          specific pattern:
                            Wild characters accepted:
                                *               Match as many characters
                                ?               Match only one character
                            e.g *.out           Show only output files

   Action       Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Viewer     Enter    Open File viewer for selected files. If a core dump
                 Double   is selected the gdb will be opened inside a terminal

      Editor              Open selected Files in the editor

  - Do not try to open binary files. Usually they are unreadable and they
    require a lot of space.
  - Opening core dumps will open the predefined debugger.

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