Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The Data Merging view permits the user to merge the output files
 generated by FLUKA into the files that will be subsequently used for
 plotting or inspection of the results. Flair makes this process
 transparent to the user with the Process Data page.


 One would expect that the simulation is equivalent to a counting
 experiment, therefore the data will follow a Poisson distribution and the
 error will be the square root of the number of events collected. This is
 true provided that no biasing is used in the simulation. When importance
 scoring is involved (quite typical and recommended way of working) to
 calculate correctly the statistical error, apart from the final value one
 has to record also the square of events/hits for every value needed. This
 doubles the memory and increases the complexity for special estimators.
 Therefore, FLUKA is making use of the Central Limit Theorem for
 calculating the mean value of a quantity scored and the error on the
 determination of the mean. The  theorem states:

   "The distribution of an average tends to be Normal, even when the
    distribution from which the average is computed is decidedly

 This is the main reason we have to perform several cycles, minimum 5 is
 recommended to simulate correctly a Normal distribution, and then sum-up
 and average the results. In FLUKA this is done automatically with the
 us?suw utilities, Where ? can be:
 These programs expect as input a list of binary files generated from
 FLUKA with the respective card and using as unit a negative number, and
 in the end they generate a set of output files both binary, text and
 tabulated with the results.

 On the right side the window contains two list boxes
 Top:    the list of detectors (scoring units Usrxxx) requested for each run.
         Automatically a default name will be assigned in the form of
         "input-name"_"card"_"unit". The user with the buttons on the right
         can delete the file, create a new one or rename it.
         The default rule for generating the files can be configured
         in the Preferences F6 dialog under the Data section

 Bottom: the list of files associated with each detector

   Detector     Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Scan                Scan input for possible detector cards.
                          Warning: Only the BINARY ones will appear
                                   ASCII files cannot be merged

      Add        Ins      Add a detector file for processing

      Remove     Del      Remove a detector file from processing

      Rename     F2       Change the name of a detector

   Files        Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Refresh    Ctrl-R   Re-scan the directory for new files

      Add        Ins      Manually include file(s) to the processing list

      Delete     Del      Remove selected file(s) from the processing list

      Rules               Open the filter dialog modify the rules of
                          inclusion of data files. (see below)

   Action       Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Clean               Delete all generated detector files

      Process  Ctrl-Enter By pressing the Process button flair will run the
                          appropriate FLUKA utilities to merge the selected data
                          files from the Usrxx listbox. A dialog will confirm the
                          outcome of the operation.

 The FLUKA utilities usually generate more than one output files.
 Typically the merge binary data file has the requested name while for a
 text file is generated with the extension _sum.lis, and a tabulated one
 with the extension _tab.lis

 File Selection Rules
 The File Selection Rules dialog permits to user to modify the automatic
 selection criteria of the files for each output. The dialog gives the
 possibility to dynamically include or remove files from the processing
 list, by using a set of patterns. For the moment the dialog is low level
 and requires some knowledge of regular expressions. Flair automatically
 adds two default rules for each scoring file.


 The rules in the dialog are executed sequentially until a match is

 Rules syntax
      First character defines the action. It accepts:
            +     include a file
            -     remove a file

      The rest corresponds to the regular expression that will be checked
      for match against the file.
      Some of the most important special characters are:
            ^     beginning of the string
            $     end of the string
            .     match any character
            ?     repeat previous match zero or one time
            +     repeat previous match one or more times
            *     repeat previous match zero or more times
            \d    digit 0-9
            \D    everything but a digit
            else  any other character is matched literally

      For a complete reference please see the python regular expressions


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