Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The Run page is a combined page of the following views

     [Run:Run]   allows the user to run and monitor his simulations

     [Run:Files] to inspect the files during a run

     [Run:Data]  to process the output files

 All the three views share the same listbox on the left containing
 the list of simulations associated with this project/input file.


   View         Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Run                 Show the [Run:Run] window

      Files               Show the [Run:Files] window

      Data                Show the [Run:Data] window

   Input        Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Add        Ins      Add a new simulation/input

      Delete     Del      Delete the selected runs or spawned jobs

      Clone      Ctrl-D   Clone/Duplicate the selected runs

      Loop                Loop on the selected runs.
                          Allows the user to create clones of runs by
                          looping on a user defined variable (#define)
                          over a range of values.
                          E.g. Imagine you want to run 9 simulations with
                               varying energy from 10 to 100MeV
                                 - define a variable in the input e.g.
                                   #define E 0.01
                                 - use the variable to the beam card
                                   BEAM    E: =-E
                                   (The minus is necessary for fluka to
                                    treat the function as energy. See below
                                    on Function Evaluation F3.6}
                                  - Click on the loop button, select the
                                    variable E and enter as:
                                       Start value: 0.01
                                       End value:   0.10
                                       Step:        0.01
                                    Click OK and 9 runs will be automatically

                          You can loop on looped runs to create 2D scans. etc.

       Move Up    Ctrl-Up Move upwards the selected runs

       Move Down  Ctrl-Dn Move downwards the selected runs

       Rename   F2,Ctrl-E Rename the selected run

   Listbox          description
   -----------     ------------------------------------------
    Column-1        empty for a standalone run
                    +     for a group (click on + to expand it)
                    -     for a group (click on - to collapse it)
                    .     for a spawned job
                    Press <space> to toggle selected runs expanded/collapsed

    Column-2        filename to be given to the job
                    editable field: type-in the name of the run
                    The default run is the first one in the list,
                    with the input name inside the brackets <...>
                    Spawned jobs automatically are assigned names
                    based on the rules set on the Configuration F6 dialog (Runs)

    Column-3        number of spawned jobs (for multi-core CPUs)
                    editable field: type-in any number to set/remove
                                    spawned jobs
                                    Enter 0 (zero) to remove all spawned jobs

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