Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The output page contains:

   - all system messages which are written in the system standard output
   - all system commands flair is issuing
   - all gnuplot commands
   - warning and error messages

 The output is classified per command and contains only the latest
 messages. Whenever something important is written in the output
 flair notifies the user with the notification dialog F2.3


   Process    Shortcut  description
 -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
    Run                 Re-run the selected process

    Stop                Kill the selected process

    Clean               Clear text output

    Close               Close output page and return to previous one

    Save                Save output to file

    Go To   doubleclick Select higlighted card in Input or Geometry
                        Either first select a line by clicking in the
                        output message and then click on the action "GoTo"
                        or double click directly on the line.

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