Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The material database contains about 500 predefined compounds with
 about 300 of them together with the Sternheimer parameters, damage
 thresholds and optical properties.
 You can use this database as a REFERENCE only.
 Please VERIFY always the correctness of the information


  Search:            Narrow down the list by filtering with a text
  Group:             Materials group according to their use
  Material List:     List of filtered materials

  Material Properties
  Title              A user defined title for the material

  Notes              A user defined notes for the material

  Names              A list of possible names to be used for the
                     material when inserted in the input

 Materials    Shortcut  description
 -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
    To Input   Double   Insert the selected materials to the FLUKA input

    Import              Import material from the FLUKA input
                        to the database. User defined materials will be stored
                        locally on the file: ${HOME}/.flair/material.ini

    Add                 Add a new material in the database

    Del                 Delete a user defined material from the database

    Edit                Edit the properties of the selected material

 Edit         Shortcut  description   (when editing is activated)
 -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
    Ok                  Save material

    Cancel              Abort editing


  Composition        Select between "atom", "mass", "volume"
                     Automatic rescaling occurs when changing the

  State              Solid, Gas, or Liquid

  Density            Material density in g/cm3

  Z                  Atomic charge of each isotope in the compound
  A                  Atomic mass of each isotope in the compound
  El                 Isotope symbol
  Name               Name of isotope
  Frac               Atom, mass or volume fraction of the isotope

 All entries in the table are editable and either Z, El, or Name
 can be used to define the isotope

 Group              List of groups that the isotope belongs to


  Pressure (atm)     Pressure in atmospheres for gasses

  Rhor Factor

  Ionization Potential (eV)

  DPA Atomic Displacement Energy (eV)

  Density scaling factor for dE/dx

  Density scaling factor for other (nuclear interactions)

  Sternheimer parameters:
  Cbar, X0, X1, a, m, d0     (Please look the FLUKA card STERNHEI)
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