Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 The flair page allows the user:
   - to load/save the flair project
   - create new inputs based on the predefined templates
   - configure flair
   - check for updates
   - edit the project notes information

 Drag the "Flair" tab to open a new flair window. Or alternatively click
 the "Open" while holding the Control or Shift button


   Project      Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      New                  - Create a new flair project
                           - Press <Control> or <Shift> keys to open
                             in a new flair window

      Open                 - Open an existing flair project
                           - Open a recent flair projects
                           - Press <Control> or <Shift> keys to open
                             in a new flair window

      Save       Ctrl-S    - Save current project
                           - Save with a different filename

   Publish      Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Document            Write a documentation out of the notes

      Print      Ctrl-P   Print notes

      Refresh    Ctrl-R   Refresh notes (reload all images)

   Tools        Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Config              Open the flair preferences dialog

      Report              Report a bug or suggestion to flair author

      Updates             Check for flair/fluka updates (normally every 30days)

      About               Display the about dialog

   Close        Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Exit       Ctrl-Q   Close the program (all flair windows)


     Title        Title of the project.
                  - When an input file is loaded the title will
                    be updated with the title of the input
                  - When the title string is updated the
                    program will ask to modify the TITLE and
                    GEOBEGIN title cards

     Notes        User area to keep notes related to the FLUKA project.
                  Special tags:
                    { img:filename } Import image inside the notes
                                     Image notes can be any plot-image
                                     by clicking the "Notes" button in
                                     the Plot page

     Input Templates

     flair contains a few input templates located in the subdirectory
     /templates under the flair directory. The default flair templates are
     prefixed with a "D:" in the template list dialog.
     The user can create its own templates in the $HOME/.flair/templates
     directory. Templates are plain FLUKA input files.

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