Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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 A scientific calculator fully compatible with FLUKA. Please look
 the section Function Evaluation F3.6 for more information on the


   Functions    Shortcut  description
   -----------  --------  ------------------------------------------
      Constants           List of predefined mathematical and physical

      Units               List of predefined units

      Vectors             List of vector and array operations

      Particles           Masses of particles

      Functions           List of mathematical and physical functions

      Card                Cross reference function to input cards

 The calculator works as a document. You can edit any function
 (even past ones) and by hitting enter the result will be updated.

 The results from the previous functions are assigned to variables
 ans* which can be used in subsequent functions.
 You have full access of the #define variables from the fluka input
 as well any other card

 All information will be saved inside the flair project and can be
 recalled at any time.

 expression     Evaluates in the next lien the expression
                The result will be stored in a unique variable named
 var = value    Set the variable with the value. No additional line
                will be created
 var = expr     Sets the variable with the expression
    #           Comment marking
    >           Result of the previous evaluation

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