Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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Usrbin Plot

 With the Usrbin Plot frame you can create 2D or 1D projections from the
 USRBIN scoring card, optionally overlay by the geometry


 Binning Detector  group
      File       Clicking the field or the button will open a
                 dialog to select the usrbin detector to use.
                 Once the detector is selected the header of the
                 detector will fill the labels in this group

      Title      Displays the title stored in the usrbin detector

      Cycles     Shows the number of cycles contained in this

      Primaries  Total number or primaries

      Weight     Total weight of primaries

      Time       Time and date of the detector. If the detector is
                 a summary file after processing, it will display
                 the string  **** Sum file *****

 Binning Info  group
      Det        A combo box containing the list of all detectors
                 inside the usrbin file. When selecting one
                 detector the labels in this group will be filled.

      Type       Type of scoring, Cartesian, cylindrical, etc...

      Score      Scoring quantity

      X / R      X or R coordinate limits and number of bins

      Y / Phi    Y or Phi coordinate limits and number of bins
      Z          Z coordinate limits and number of bins

      Min        Minimum value of the projected region. This
                 display will be filled after plotting

      Max        Maximum value of the projected region. This
                 display will be filled after plotting

      Int        Integral of the projected region. This
                 display will be filled after plotting

 2D Histogram  tab
 Two dimensional cuts of usrbin data

 For the 2D plots the color band CB-axes has to be activated

 Projection & Limits  group
      X / Y / Z  Select projection axis and limits

      swap       swap vertical and horizontal display

      errors     display errors as color plot or 1d histogram.
                 WARNING errors will be underestimated, since it
                 treats all bin values as uncorrelated.

      Get        get limits from gnuplot

      Norm       Enter normalization value or expression for results
                 It accepts:
                   1. any constant or an expression that will result
                      in a constant
                   2. any expression of variable (x), where x in
                      this case is the value of the bin
                 Check the available functions in gnuplot

      log        Logarithmic or linear color band

 Geometry  group
      Use        Geometry to overlap on top of the plot. Possible
                 choices are
                    -No-     Do not overlap geometry

                    -Auto-   Automatically calculate and generate
                             geometry at the middle of the
                             projection limits if "Pos" is not
                             specified. Otherwise at the "Pos"
                             position on the projecting axis

                    ...      List of the available geometry plots
                             in this project

      Pos         Projection location of the geometry if "-Auto-"
                  is used. Leave it blank for using the default
                  value, equal to the middle value of the
                  projection limits on the selected axis.

      Axes        Axes to use from the geometry.
                     Auto    will selected automatically the axis
                     *-*     manually selected the geometry axis

 1D Histogram tab, 1D Max, ...

 One dimensional projection of usrbin data. Please see the Usr-1d
 plotting style information

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