Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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Usr-1d Plot

 With the Usr-1d Plot frame you can plot single differential
 quantities from USRBDX, USRTRACK, USRCOLL and USRYIELD. The frame
 accepts as input the _tab.lis files after processing in the Data
 frame. The frame allows the plot of many detectors from different
 files and modify


       listbox     Displays the list of detectors currently to be
                   included in this graph.
                   -  Selecting one detector enables all fields in
                      the "Detector Info" group for editing
                   -  Selecting multiple detectors disables the
                      fields in the "Detector Info". However by
                      right-clicking on any of the fields the state
                      of the field is changed. If the fields are not
                      disabled then any change in their value will be
                      updated on all selected detectors
                   -  Double clicking the items permits to rename the

            edit.gif   Rename the detector
            add.gif   Add a new detector
                 Keyboard shortcut: Ins
            del.gif   Remove the selected detectors
                 Keyboard shortcut: Del
            clone.gif   Clone selected detectors
                 Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-D
            up.gif   Move selected detectors one line up
            down.gif   Move selected detectors one line down

   Detector Info
        File        File name of detector. This frame accepts only
                    the _tab.lis files generated after processing in
                    the Data frame.

        Det         Detector name from the file to use. The index
                    is not sequential if in the _tab.lis files exist
                    also 2D tables.

                    If multiple distributions exist for one detector
                    Like 2D USRBDX distribution, the detector
                    is split into sub-detectors named

        graph       If enabled it will include this graph in the plot

        legend      Display the legend of this graph

        type        Plotting style to be used. Possible choices are:
                       errorbars      Plot only error bars
                       errorlines     Plot with lines and errors
                       histerror      Histogram superimposed on errorbars
                       histogram      Histogram plot (steps)
                       lines          Lines plot
                       linespoints    Lines and points plot
                       points         Scatter point plot
                       steps          Histogram plot using the low value
                       xyerrorbars    Plot bin width and Y error bar

        value       Y-value to plot:
                        Y      as it is
                        <X>*Y  for isolethargic plots
                        DX*Y   integral in the bin

        X Norm      normalization value or expression to be used for
                    the X axis. Select the units normalization
                    directly from the drop-down listbox

        Y Norm      normalization value or expression to be used for
                    this detector. Check the Usrbin plot
                    normalization for more explanation

        Color       Select color for the lines and points

        Point type  Select a symbol for the points

        Line width  Thickness of lines

        Point size  Dimensions of point symbols

To modify many detectors at the same time. Select the detectors and then by right-clicking with the mouse you can enable the fields you want to modify. All enabled fields (even those not modified) will be updated on the detectors. Therefore be careful that if by mistake you enable a field right-click again to disable it.
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