Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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Userdump Plot

 With the Userdump Plot you can create histogram of the source
 particles or scatter plots on top of the geometry


 Collision File
     File        Select the userdump file to use

     From Event  Starting event from which to plot

     # Events    Number of events to plot

     Emin        Filter plotted events by setting a minimum energy

     Emax        Filter plotted events by setting a maximum energy

     Listbox     Filter plotted events only for selected particles
                 All if none is selected

 Plot continuous loses (not implemented)

 Plot point loses (not implemented)

 Plot source particles distributions

   Type        Histogram or scatter plot

   X-Plot      Plot quantity for X axis

   Bins        Number of bins in case of histogram

   Weighted    Score particle weight

   Y-Plot      Only if scatter plot is selected

   Use         Geometry plot to use to superimpose the source
               scatter plot

   Axes        axes to use from geometry
               (normally automatically selected)

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