Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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Resnucle Plot

 With the Resnuclei Plot you can create 2D or 1D plots from the
 output of the RESNUCLE scoring card


 Residuals Detector
     File        Clicking the field or the button will open a
                 dialog to select the resnuclei detector to use.
                 Once the detector is selected the header of the
                 detector will fill the labels in this group

     Title       Displays the title stored in the usrbin detector

     Cycles      Shows the number of cycles contained in this

     Primaries   Total number or primaries

     Weight      Total weight of primaries

     Time        Time and date of the detector. If the detector is
                 a summary file after processing, it will display
                 the string "**** Sum file *****"

 Detector Info
     Det         A combo box containing the list of all detectors
                 inside the resnuclei file. When selecting one
                 detector the labels in this group will be filled.

     Plot        Quantity to plot:
                   1d histograms are Z, A
                   2d histograms are Z/A, Z/N, A/Z, N/Z

     Type        Type of scoring

     Regions     Scoring region

     Volume      Normalization volume of the results

     Zhigh       Highest Z to score

     Ahigh       Highest A to score

     Mhigh       Highest M to score (
or RESNUCLEi card) Min Minimum value. This display will be filled after plotting Max Maximum value. This display will be filled after plotting
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