Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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Geometry Plot

 With the Geometry Plot you can create 2D projections of the
 geometry, overlaying as color plot regions, materials, lattices,
 biasing and magnetic field maps. The header and the footer are
 common like in all other plots except the range that is dynamically
 calculated depending on the projection.


 Each projection is defined by the position of the Center point, the
 projection axes called "Basis" and the extends of the plot.

 Flair using this information will generate a temporary FLUKA input
 file including only the relevant information (geometry, materials,
 fields, USR[IG]CALL cards. At the end it will append a PLOTGEOM card
 with the information supplied in this frame. It will execute FLUKA
 and if everything is Ok will process the PLOTGEOM output file and
 plot the result. In case of failure an dialog will be shown with all
 files produced by FLUKA for inspection.

   Fields and Buttons
   Center          The center group allows the user to enter the 3D
   ~~~~~~          coordinates of the center position of the plot.

        x          The r=(x,y,z) center position coordinates

   Basis           The basis group defines the projection plane to be
   ~~~~~           used. The projection plane is defined by two
                   vectors the
                          u  for the x-projection
                          v  for the y-projection

        u          Define the u vector of the projection

        v          Define the v vector of the projection

        x-y        Set u=x-axes and v=y-axes

        x-z        Set u=x-axes and v=z-axes

        y-z        Set u=y-axes and v=z-axes

        swap       Swap the values of u and v

        -u         Negate the value of u

        -v         Negate the value of v

   Extends         The extends group defines half-range of the plot.
   ~~~~~~~         Total range is twice the value of Du and Dv

        Du         half range (or from center to max/min) in the u

        Dv         half range (or from center to max/min) in the v

        Get        Get the range and Center position from gnuplot.
                   You can zoom in gnuplot by right-clicking the
                   mouse and selecting a region of interest. Then
                   click the "Get" button to get the coordinates of
                   gnuplot back to this frame

    Plot           Provides two combo boxes for selecting the type of
   ~~~~~           plot as well the plotting axes

       Type        Gives the choice to the user of the type of the
                   plot, between
                       Geometry  purely 2D line plot
                       Region    Display regions with random color
                       Material  Display materials with colors
                                 defined in the "Palette"
                       Lattice   Display lattice with different
                       Field Intensity  Display Magnetic field
                                 intensity with color plot

                       Field Vector  Display Magnetic field vectors
                                 and intensity with color plot

       Run         Select the appropriate run from the drop down

   Grid            The grid group defines scanning grid to be used
   ~~~~            in FLUKA when plotting of region, materials,...
                   is requested.
That the processing of the plot is done by flair and since python is an interpreter language, big values on the scanning grid could result in slow performance Nu Number of bins in the u axis Nv Number of bins in the v axis Options Various options ~~~~~~~ Vector scale Multiply the value of the magnetic field with the Vector scale value when displayed on screen Coordinates This field is automatically set when the basis buttons are set. The user can further select on of the following values to plot U-V, V-U, X-Y, X-Z, Y-Z, Y-X, Z-X, Z-Y boundaries Display all boundaries even between regions with the same material labels Display labels of regions, materials
gnuplot 4.2 or higher is required for that
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