Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F6} Preferences Dialog

 The Preferences dialog is divided in the following categories:

   F6.1  Colors          Colors of visual elements

   F6.2  Data            Automatic rules for data processing and
                         setup of processing programs

   F6.3  Fluka           Fluka related information and programs

   F6.4  Fonts           Fonts of visual elements

   F6.5  Geometry        Geometry Editor setup and transformation options

   F6.6  Gnuplot         Modify global gnuplot commands and save file types

   F6.7  Interface       Variables to modify the interface behavior

   F6.8  Moira           Moira related information and programs

   F6.9  Programs        Setup of programs and paths used by flair

   F6.10 Run             Modify spawn name, submit scripts, batch queues

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