Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F6.5} Geometry



 Laptop mode              Swap middle with right mouse button for
                          the pan/zoom/rotate actions on the
                          Geometry Editor

 Invert Mouse Wheel       Invert the zooming of the mouse wheel

 Zoom on Mouse Location   Check to zoom In/Out on mouse location.
                          Uncheck to zoom In/Out on viewport center.
                          Pressing [Alt] during zooming inverts the action

 Prefer QUA on rotation   Allow rotating infinite cylinders and transform
                          them to QUA

 Use of deprecated bodies (BOX,RAW,ARB)
                          Allow the use of deprecated bodies BOX/RAW/WED/ARB
                          for back compatibility. Propose them in the adding

 # CPU/cores              Number of cores per viewport to use.
                               0 = parallel mode with all cores available per
                                   viewport (default);
                               1 = synchronous mode, 1 core per viewport;
                               n = parallel mode with n cores per viewport.
                          To activate the changes a restart is required.

 Snapping distance        Distance in pixel where snapping to
                          closest point takes place

 Zero                     number smaller than this will be
                          considered as zero

 Infinite                 when converting [XYZ]CC/[XYZ]EC to infinite
                          cylinders RCC and REC what height to use

 Accuracy                 number of significant digits to use

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