Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F6.10} Run



 "Spawn Run Name"        Modify the automatic generation of the
                        spawn name
                        The following escape sequences will be
                        replaced with:
                            \I   input name
                            \a   two letter run index aa,ab,ac...,ba,...
                            \A   two letter run index AA,AB,AC...,BA,...
                            \n   run index 1,2,3,...
                            \2   two digit run index 01,02,03,...
                            \3   three digit run index 001,002,003,...
                            \4   four digit run index 0001,0002,0003,...
                            \x   two hex-digit run index 01,02,...,0A,0B,...
                            \X   roman number I,II,III,IV,V,...
                            /    directory name
                            *    any-other character will be taken literally

                            \2/I  =>  01/Input   01/Input...
                                      Running each spawn job in a
                            \I_\a =>  Input_aa   Input_ab...

 Attach timeout           Timeout in seconds when trying to attach
                         to a running process

 Refresh Interval         Refreshing interval in the Run page to
                         display the progress of a run

 Modify the queue / submit command in the Run Frame

 To Add, Delete, Clone Right-click on the listbox and select the
 appropriate command

 To modify the value click directly on the item and type the
 command or the submit name

 Predefined queues:
* The "*
" should always be there and is the default queue that flair will use. The predefined program is the "nohup" (no hangup) a unix system program that detaches the process from its parent and redirects all its output to the nohup.out Local Spawn job locally as a child of flair. Closing of flair will kill the process. Not like nohup Nohup Equivalent to *
* unless changed null Don't do any run, simply generate all necessary files and commands, so they can be used for other cases. tsp task spooler. A small unix program (not installed on systems by default), creating a simple queue based spooler for a multi-core machine. Useful if you want to run multiple runs in sequential order and utilize all cores without exceeding the number of jobs > number of cores. Customization: You can modify the list and add/delete your own commands. Example of a simple script to submit fluka in a OpenPBS/Torque batch system #/bin/bash # Script to launch flair-FLUKA jobs on a cluster using OpenPBS NAME="flair${!#}" JOBFILE=${NAME}.job NAME=`echo ${NAME} | cut -c 1-15` cat > ${JOBFILE} << EOF #!/bin/bash #PBS -q normal #PBS -N ${!#} cd $PWD $* EOF echo "Submitting job ${JOBFILE}" chmod +x ${JOBFILE} qsub ${JOBFILE} Easter Eggs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the Input Editor Double-Right click on the bottom text box displaying the FLUKA representation of card and the game of AWARI will start.
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