Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4} [Geometry]

 Geometry Editor is an addition to flair for viewing/debugging and
 editing FLUKA geometries in a graphical way. It works on 2D cross
 sections of the geometry with some 3D capabilities. 2D might
 seems a handicap but is not a big problem since most of the
 objects are 2D and extruded in the 3rd dimension

 - Fast display of complex geometries;
 - Many user-customizable layers;
 - Graphical editing of the bodies with snapping mechanism to generate
   accurate coordinates;
 - Visual selection and editing of zones w/o the need to know the
   orientation of bodies;
 - Use real curve of bodies with no conversion to vertices/edges;
 - Interactive debugging with information of problematic bodies, regions
   and/or zones;
 - Tricky to orientate in an unknown geometry;
 - Difficult to find region using the expression;


 On the left side there are 3 tabs
     Geometry     Contains information on the bodies, regions,
                  materials, transformations and flair objects.
                  It has two listboxes for filtering, selecting
                  and editing the displayed information

     Layers       Customize the various display layers F4.13

     Errors       Error information during loading or plotting
                  of the geometry.

 In the main display there are 4 viewports named:

     "Red", "Green", "Blue" and "Magenta".

 identified by their color on the maximize button

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