Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.9} Objects

   There are a few auxiliary objects in flair for helping on the drawing.
   The objects are stored in the input file as special flair cards with the
   following tag names preceded with the exclamation mark in order
   to be ignored by FLUKA as inline comments
              !point, !arrow, !ruler, !light

   Point (Shortcut p):
    - can be drawn with variable types (dot, square, circle, cross etc..)
    - Point can be used as markers or as snapping points for
      inserting new bodies
    - can be used to provide help text for the user
    - automatically generated after image calibration (F4.13)

   Arrow or line:
    - draw a simple line, with arrow in the head or tail or both
    - can be used as snapping points (both ends of the arrow)
    - provide basic drawing/pointing means to the user

    - draw simple ruler or a combined one with angles
    - is used to measure distances and angles
    - or project snapping points to a different location, by
      providing the length and the direction
    - all ends of a ruler can used as snapping points

    - Add user defined lights for illuminating the 3D views
    - 3 different types, sun (or directional), omni and spot

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