Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.8} Selection

   Objects, Bodies, Regions and/or Zones can be selected either:

   - From the Object and/or Properties list boxes.
     Holding [Ctrl] toggles the selection, and holding [Shift]
     selects a range of items

   - Graphically using the action [s] select.gif with the
     <Left-Mouse> button
     * [Ctrl] + left-mouse-button toggles the selection (select/unselect);
     * Area selection: Click on the background and drag the mouse to draw a
       rectangle area. Everything inside the area will be selected.
       Also holding [Ctrl] pressed will toggle the selection.

- The Selected items (from the filtered ones) are visible when the select.gif check box on the object listbox is pressed - OBJECTS: * highlighted in magenta * can be graphically modified - BODIES: The selected bodies are: * outlined in magenta * yellow dots appear on their vertices and intersection with other bodies. They can be used as snapping points * the action handlers appear on the last selected body, permitting to move/rotate/resize the body (see F4.10) * highlighted also into the object list in the left bar * Their common properties & attributes will be displayed on the list boxes. - REGIONS: * The selected regions are shaded with a darker or lighter color; * Clicking on a point of overlap of two or more zones ALL overlapping zones will be selected - ZONES: * The select zones are shaded with a hash pattern; * To select a zone first you have to select ONE REGION; * Then click on point that belongs to the zone; * Or select the zone from the Properties Listbox; - [ESCape] cancels the selection Selection Freezing ****************** When repeated operations have to be performed with involving some bodies or regions, the user can LOCK the selection of this bodies/regions with: - Menu -> Tools -> Selection -> Freeze - Go to the Attributes and click on Lock [X] check box - or Right-click -> Selection -> Freeze - or Shortcut [l] - or Icon lock.gif on the ribbon
is very important to remember to UNLOCK at the end of the operation
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