Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.7} Debugging

   The message "Errors in Geometry" notifies that are possible errors
   in the geometry. The problematic bodies and regions are
   highlighted with red lines.


   Selecting the debug.gifErrors tab on the left side,
   displays the geometry errors.

   Info: Touching surfaces are checked against 10 significant digits


   The listbox of the dialog lists all geometrical errors that are
   found. Duplicates are removed. flair-geoviewer is scanning all
   visible bodies to identify the errors, therefore all the points
   are located "on the boundaries" of the body, however the error is
   either on the positive (inside) or the negative (outside) side of
   the body.

      x,y,z   Coordinates of the error (on the surface of body)
      body    Body with the x,y,z point on surface generating the error
      +body   Regions that are on the + side of the body.
              Regions where the body should be subtracted to remove the error
      -body   Regions that are on the - side of the body.
              Regions that the body should be intersected to remove the error
      +/- of body are defined according to the normal on the surface.
      + refers to outside, - to inside

   The text box in the errors dialog shows errors and warning found
   during the interpretation of the FLUKA input file. Warnings can
   be disabled with the "Ignore Warnings" option in the Preferences
   (Configuration) dialog of flair.

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