Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.6} Projection

 The projection frame allows the user to quickly and accurately
 place the location, zoom, orientation of the viewport as well
 to save and recall (bookmark) locations in the geometry


 The dialog shows/hides with the  has the following tabs
 Press <Return> or the ok.gif to apply the change

 [Origin]  move the center of the viewport to
       x:   center of viewport
       y:        -//-
       z:        -//-

 [Extends]   zoom viewport by setting the Du extends
      Du:   half width of the horizontal axis
      Dv:   half height of the vertical axis (Read-only)

   [Move]   move relative to current projection the center by
      +u:   along the u (horizontal axis)
      +v:   along the v (vertical axis)
      +w:   along the w (towards the viewer axis)

  [Basis]   quickly set the axis-basis of the plot
 ux,uy,uz:   u vector components.
it doesn't have to be normalized to 1.0 vx,vy,vz: v vector components x-y, z-x, z-y swap swap orientation u <-> v -u inverse u -v inverse v [Euler] define the orientation by entering the Euler rotations Rx: rotation in X axis Ry: rotation in Y axis Rz: rotation in Z axis The order of rotation is Rz -> Ry -> Rx [Rotate] rotate relative to current viewport Ru: rotation along u axis Rv: rotation along v axis Rw: rotation along w axis The order of rotation is Rw -> Rv -> Ru [Transform] transform current viewport with the following ROT-DEFI Rotdefi: roto-translation (normal or inverse) Selecting a LATTICE region the Rotdefi is automatically selected [Bookmarks] save/recall geometry views Plot: all saved views are stored as Geometry plots in flair add.gif: add a new bookmark del.gif: delete currently selected one save.gif: save the present location to the selected bookmark ok.gif: apply the bookmark
the first field x, Du, ux, vx, Rx, Ru accepts either * Numerical value * Vector with 2 or 3 values to substitute on the other fields e.g Entering on "X:" the value "10.0 50.0 -100.0" Will set on X:10.0, on Y:50.0 and on Z:-100.0 It can be practical when you want to copy paste the values
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