Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.5.5} Orientation Cube

 The orientation cube is the cube showing the axes system located on
 the bottom-left corner of each viewport


 Hovering the mouse over the cube, it will enlarge in size and show
 more detail waiting for mouse click commands

 The letter on each side corresponds to the name of the side.
 The naming follows the coordinate conversion that:
    Z is horizontal and points the beam direction
    Y is vertical (anti-gravity)
    X is the horizontal (cross product of YxZ)

    Letter   Name    Side description
    ~~~~~~   ~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      F      Front   X-Y plane towards the positive Z
      B      Back    X-Y plane towards the negative Z
      U      Up      X-Z plane towards the positive Y
      D      Down    X-Z plane towards the negative Y
      L      Left    Y-Z plane towards the positive X
      R      Right   Y-Z plane towards the negative Y

    Element     Command
    ~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    <center>    the center of each side it will align the
                viewport to the respective side

    <edge>      the edge between two sides it will align
                the viewport at 45deg azimuthal between
                the two sides

    <corners>   the corner from three sides it will align
                the viewport at 45deg azimuthal and 45deg
                polar between the 3 faces

    <CW/CCW>    will perform a 90deg rotation clockwise or
                anti-clockwise versus the relative <w> vector
                (perpendicular to the screen)

    <arrows>    move forward (right) or backward (left)
                in the view history of the viewport

    <home>      will go the predefined system for each viewport
                Red     - Up
                Green   - Isometric
                Blue    - Right
                Magenta - Front

    <origin>    the origin-circle will move the viewport to 0,0,0

    <x/y/z>     axis names, will align the clicked axis to
                become vertical or horizontal (what is nearest)

    <MMB>       middle mouse button will toggle the trackball
                for orbiting the viewport

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