Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.5.4} Viewport lines

   Each Viewport if visible in the other viewports it appears as a
   dashed colored line with a small rectangle showing the center of
   the viewport.


   Using the select cursor select.gif you can move the
   viewport lines which will result in moving the viewport. Each
   line has several handles where actions can take place


   Dashed lines represent the other viewport's cross section on the
   current plot. The center is represented with a square.
   When the other-viewport is outside the view window, the viewport-line
   will be displayed on the closest edge.

   Actions (select-tool select.gif + left mouse)
     - drag the center square (red square on the figure) to reposition
       the viewport
     - drag the line close to the center (green line) to reposition
       the viewport along the vertical axis-w of the viewport
     - drag the extremities (magenta on the figure) of the viewport-line
       to rotate the viewport
     - drag+shift the extremities (magenta on the figure) of the viewport
       to rotate by 5deg.
   Press ESCape during dragging to cancel the action

- When repositioning the center of a viewport, the center is moved to lie on the current viewport. If you want to reposition the center without moving on the current viewport click the Control button at the same time
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