Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.5.3} Middle Mouse button

 A more handy way of navigating is with the use of the middle mouse
 button (or the right one in case of two, by activating the
 appropriate preference see below)

 Pressing the middle mouse button, alone or with the following keys

 Keys                Description
 -----               -----------------------------------------------
 alone               Pan/Move viewport

 + Right mouse       Orbit viewport

 + Ctrl              orbit projection using a virtual trackball

 + Ctrl-Middle-Shift orbit projection using a virtual trackball with
                     steps of 5 degrees

 + Shift             select rectangle region and zoom into

 + Shift-Middle-Ctrl select rectangle region and zoom out

 With the mouse wheel alone you can zoom in/out.
 Ctrl + Wheel        pan/move forward or backward
 Ctrl+Shift+Wheel    smoother pan/move forward/backward

 Shift + Wheel       resize-cursor: when a body is selected
                     the drag cursor dimensions can be changed
                     with Shift + Wheel

 Right mouse button
If laptop mode is enabled, then it behaves like the middle button Keys Description ----- ----------------------------------------------- alone Opens a popup context menu + Ctrl Opens the insert popup menu
1. Middle and Right button can be swapped by activating the laptop mode in the Preferences/Geometry 2. Wheel sense of zooming can be modified in the Preferences/Geometry 3. You are required to restart the Geometry Editor after changing the mouse preferences
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