Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.5.1} Keyboard Navigation

 Each viewport can be navigated with the keyboard once the mouse
 cursor is over the viewport

 Keys                Action
 -----               -------------------------------
 [arrows]            pan viewport
 Ctrl + [arrows]     orbit viewport around u,v axes
      + [Shift]      rotates by 90 deg.
 Page Up/ Page Down  pan viewport front/back
 Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn    orbit viewport around w axis
 =(+) / -            zoom in / zoom out
 o                   open projection dialog F4.6 to set the
                     origin/basis/save/recall etc...
 Ctrl-0 (zero)       Center to origin
 Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2      front [X:Y] / back   [-X:Y]
 Ctrl-3, Ctrl-4      left  [Z:Y] / right  [-Z:Y]
 Ctrl-5, Ctrl-6      top   [Z:X] / bottom [-Z:X]

 Viewport naming assumes
     Z = direction of the beam (horizontal)
     X = horizontal
     Y = vertical

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