Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.4} Viewports

   There are 4 viewports named: "Red", "Green", "Blue" and "Magenta",
   identified by the color on the maximize button, on the top right corner.
   The cross section of each viewport is represented on the other
   viewports with a dash line (viewport-line). The projection of the
   center is represented with a small square. See section F4.5 for
   navigating in the viewports

   Axes System
   Each viewport is identified by its:
   1. origin   center of the viewport
   2. basis    relative axes system u, v, w.
               w is coming out of the screen towards the user
   3. extends  zoom

- The user is looking the negative -w of each viewport - If bodies A, B are touching the viewport like on the plot. Only the body B will be visible to the viewer viewport-touching.gif
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