Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.3} Listboxes

   There are two listboxes on the left side of the window:

   Top: Object Listbox
       The top is named object listbox and it contains a list of objects,
       with their type and name.
       Text coloring:
         Red       Error in the card description
         Magenta   Visible body/object
         Orange    Selection locked

       On the top there is a filter text box that can narrow the list
       with items containing the typed-in text.
       The Checkbuttons on the top of the list box can switch on/off
       of various object categories

       TRC.gif     Bodies
       REGION.gif     Regions
       ROT-DEFI.gif     Transformations (ROT-DEFI)
       MATERIAL.gif     Materials (MATERIAL)
       pin.gif     Objects (like point, arrows, rulers, lights)
       select.gif     Narrow the selection to only the selected or visible items

- Control-Click or Right-Click on the filter icon to display ONLY this type of objects - Selecting any item on the list box is equivalent as selecting graphically the objects - Double clicking the name or with [Ctrl-E] you can rename the object directly on the object listbox Bottom: Properties & Attributes listboxes, that display/edit the selected cards properties: whats,name()), or attributes:additional information that is linked with the selected object often through other fluka cards. e.g. Transformations for the bodies or LATTICE transformations, importances for REGIONS When selecting multiple objects, bodies, regions only the common properties will be displayed Properties: - Bodies: - name - preceding comments - type - card what(s) - variables starting with "@" show functions that can alter multiple whats @Xmid X-coordinate of geometrical center @Ymid Y-coordinate of geometrical center @Zmid Z-coordinate of geometrical center @Dx X dimension @Dy Y dimension @Dz Z dimension @Rx X radius for elliptical cylinders @Ry Y radius for elliptical cylinders @H height of cylinder, cone, elliptical cylinder @Rmajor Major axis of ellipsoid @Rminor Minor axis of ellipsoid @azm Azimuthal angle of normal or Z vector in (RCC,TRC,REC) @polar Azimuthal angle of normal or Z vector in (RCC,TRC,REC) It can be extremely handy to define precisely the size of along a direction objects - Regions: - name - preceding comments - (Attribute) assigned material - list of zones - Objects: - name - preceding comments - type - option (e.g. type of arrow, ruler, or light) - anchor (text location) - size in pixels - drawing color - x,y,z position - dx,dy,dz direction - ... variable properties depending on the object Attributes: - Bodies: - name - visibility setting - locking flag - visibility flag - bounding box - 3d wireframe - translation dx,dy,dz - expansion - transformation - Regions: - name - locking flag - bounding box - transparency (alpha-channel) for 3D - naz (neighbors contiguity list size) - rotdefi - associate ROT-DEFI card through LATTICE - importances for All particles, Hadrons, EMF and Low energy neutrons - Objects: - visibility setting Tips: - [Enter] moves to the next field - Typing multiple values splits them into many fields: e.g. x: 1 2 3 [Enter] will split it to x: 1, y: 2, z: 3
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