Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.14} Transform bodies

 This dialog provide means for geometrical transformation of the
 selected bodies from the active Input Frame.


 "ROT_DEFini"         Combo box to either:
 "Add to Input"       1) add in the input the transformation as a
                         ROT-DEFini card
 "Get from Input"     2) get from the Input file the transformation
                         based on an existing ROT-DEFini card
 "Zero"               values smaller than this value are considered
                      as zero
 "Accuracy"           maximum number of digits to use
 "Use QUA..."         Convert infinite cylinders and elliptical
                      cylinders to infinite QUA or very long RCC/REC
 "Infinite"           height to use when [XYZ]CC or [XYZ]EC are
                      converted to RCC or REC

 Transformation types and arguments

 Type  Arguments Description
 ----  --------- --------------------------------
  O    x y z     Define origin of all transformations. It has to
                 be the first operation and only ONE is accepted
                 It is equivalent to
                    T -x -y -z        Moving back to origin
                    ...               Perform the transformations
                    T x y z           Move back to initial position
  T    x y z     Translate by [x,y,z]
  TX   x         Translate by [x,0,0]
  TY   y         Translate by [0,y,0]
  TZ   z         Translate by [0,0,z]
  RX   x         Rotate around X axis by x degrees
  RY   y         Rotate around Y axis by y degrees
  RZ   z         Rotate around Z axis by z degrees
  MX   -         Mirror X values
  MY   -         Mirror Y values
  MZ   -         Mirror Z values
  S    s         Scale dimensions by s (use with care)
  ignore         Ignore this entry

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