Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.11.1} Adding New Region

      - Menu -> Insert -> REGION
      - Icon add.gif
      - Right-mouse-click to open popup menu
      - [Ctrl]+Right-mouse-click to open the insert dialog
      - [Spacebar] or [Ins] or [Ctrl-Enter] to open the insert dialog
      - [R] to open directly the bodies insert dialog

* Immediately the properties listbox will be activated to edit the name. * Renaming a region will automatically rename any reference to it without asking the user. * REGIONs and Zones are displayed according to their position in the input. If you want to visually see the result during the editing is better to start from inside to outside, and leave the space surrounding the working region as undefined. * When changing the material or transformation of a region flair will automatically add the appropriate ASSIGNMAT and/or LATTICE cards. * Deleting a REGION will not delete the associated ASSIGNMAT and/or LATTICE cards
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