Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.10.3} Body Editing


     Bodies can be edited either

     - Text: directly in the properties listbox, typing the correct
             coordinates or in flair input editor

     - Graphically:
       * Select the body and the action handler(s) will be displayed
       * Click on the action handler (cursor) and start moving the object
       * Control + click on the action handler duplicates the body
       * Click for a second time and drag with the mouse the
         appropriate handler or body surface:
         - on the small circle to freely move (Shortcut: [g]rab)
         - on the large circle to rotate around w (Shortcut: [r]otate)
         - on the red/green/blue line representing the x/y/z axis
           to move but locked on the corresponding axis.
         - While moving with [g]rab or locked you can always turn
           on/off the axis locking by clicking on [x], [y] or [z]
         - on any surface to freely resize the body dimensions
           radius, etc..
         - on any small square handler (to be visible it has to lie
           on the viewing plane)
       * Shift-MouseWheel resizes the action handler


        Example a truncated cone TRC will look like below

        Click and drag:
        1. On the base plane, to move it perpendicular to height vector
        2. On the small square handler on the apex plane, to freely move
           the height, axis or normal of body
           This handler appears only if it lies on the viewing plane
        3. On the apex plane, to move it perpendicular to the height
        4. On the conic surface close to the apex to resize the apex
        5. On the conic surface close to the base to resize the base

          [Shift]        pressing [Shift] while dragging cancels the
                         alignment. (Free move)
          [Ctrl]         holding [Ctrl] while dragging makes more
                         relaxed by a factor of 5 the snapping

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