Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.10.2} Body Visibility


     The default behaviour is that body SEGMENTS ARE ONLY VISIBLE
     when they represent borders of REGIONs. In order to make them
     visible (to be able to visually select them):
      - Select the body (from the list box, or from its visible segment)
      - Menu -> Select -> Visibility -> Set
      - Go to the Attributes and click on Visible [X] check box
      - or Right-click -> Visibility -> Set
      - or Shortcut [v]
      - or Icon toggle.gif on the ribbon

     Experimentally you can display the 3D wireframe of a body in
     order to see it even if it doesn't intersect the current
      - Go to the Attributes and click on Wireframe [X] check box
      - Menu -> Select -> Wireframe -> Set
      - or Right-click -> Wireframe -> Set
      - or Shortcut [#]
      - or Icon wireframe.gif on the ribbon

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