Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F4.10.1} Adding New bodies


      - Menu -> Insert -> Bodies
      - Icon add.gif
      - Right-mouse-click to open popup menu
      - [Ctrl]+Right-mouse-click to open the insert dialog
      - [Spacebar] or [Ins] or [Ctrl-Enter] to open the insert dialog
      - [b] to open directly the bodies insert dialog
      - [B] to repeat the last body added

     Mouse actions:
      1. Select the type of body you want to insert
      2. Move to the appropriate viewport, body will be
         perpendicular to the selected viewport
      3. <Left-mouse> click on the wished location of the new body
      4. either release the left-button and drag the cursor
         or keep the left-button pressed drag to the location of
         the first extend of the body
         NOTE: - Releasing is lets you create more precise objects
               - You can type-in the coordinate the coordinate during the
                 action e.g.  while adding a SPH type 40 and it
                 will set the radius to 40
      5. click and continue with the next one...

     Mouse Steps:
      XYP, XZP, YZP: Viewport should not be parallel to body
           * Location

      PLA: perpendicular to viewport
           * Location
           * 2nd point belonging on the plane

      RPP: symmetric around the w-axis
           * Location
           * Outer corner on the viewing plane

      BOX: XY plane // viewport, Z vector = -w
           * Location
           * X-vector end
           * Move outer plane

      WED: as in BOX
           * Location
           * X-vector
           * Y-vector (forced perpendicular to X)

      RCC: Height will be lying on viewport
           * Location
           * Height
           * Radius

      REC: Height will be lying on viewport
           * Location
           * Height
           * Radius-X
           * Optionally: Radius-Y if viewport permits it

      XCC, YCC, ZCC
           * Location
           * Radius

      XEC, YEC, ZEC: be careful on the chosen viewport
           * Location
           * Radius-X
           * Optionally: Radius-Y if viewport permits it

      TRC: Height will be lying on viewport
           * Location
           * Height
           * Apex radius
           * Base Radius

      ARB: not possible for the moment

      QUA: will generate a sphere at desired location

- The default dimension/radius of all new bodies is one grid unit - Renaming a body will automatically rename any reference to it without asking the user - All new bodies will use the same name prefix from the last body renamed - Shortcut: [n]ame allows to fast edit the name of the object without the need to move the mouse to the properties listbox
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