Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F3} [Input] Editor

 Input editor permits the user to edit the FLUKA input file in a
 human readable way. The interface is divided into 3 section:

   - Left: the input tree divided in categories, and cards
     By clicking the appropriate branch only the cards in this
     category will be displayed.
     This tree can be minimized by dragging the splitter line or by
     Double clicking

   - Center: then main editor which displays the list of selected
     cards with mini-dialogs. The functioning of the editor is
     described in the following sections.

   - Bottom: card interpretation as it will be seen by FLUKA.
     The card interpretation highlights the changes during editing of
     the card.

     The card interpretation can be hidden by clicking the black
     arrow triangle_down.gif
     Or editing the contents of the cards in a free (non-validated
     way) by clicking the edit.gif

 While loading the input file all problematic cards will be
 highlighted with red and a message will be displayed in the output


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