Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F3.5} Keyboard Shortcuts

 Useful Keyboard shortcuts:

       Double-click Selects word or similar cards
       Ctrl-click   Toggle selection of cards
       Shift-click  Select a range of cards

       Escape       Depending on the level
                    1. Unselect the current editing item
                    2. Unselect the selected cards
                    3. Move focus to Editor

       Enter        Start editing current card

       Insert       Add new card through the popup menu
       Ctrl-Enter   Insert a new card

       Ctrl-Space   Open popup menu
       Right-click  Open popup menu

       Ctrl-Up      Move selected card upwards
       Ctrl-Down    Move selected card downwards
       Ctrl-Left    Hide selected cards
       Ctrl-Right   Show selected hidden cards

       Ctrl-a       Select all
       Ctrl-A       UnSelect all
       Ctrl-c       Copy
       Ctrl-d       Clone
       Ctrl-D       Clone
       Ctrl-e       Edit manually card through edit dialog
       Ctrl-f       Find string
       Ctrl-g       Find next
       Ctrl-h       Replace
       Ctrl-i       Toggle show/hide selected cards
       Ctrl-j       Move selected card downwards
       Ctrl-k       Move selected card upwards
       Ctrl-l       Toggle state
       Ctrl-m       Toggle Comment of selected cards
       Ctrl-p       Print (hardcopy)
       Ctrl-t       Transform bodies
       Ctrl-v       Paste
       Ctrl-x       Cut
       Ctrl-y       Redo
       Ctrl-z       Undo

       Ctrl-F11     Toggle splitter on/off

       While a card is selected but not a specific field (The
       text cursor is not visible) any keyboard press will
       be interpreted as a command

       a            Highlight the "Add Search" input box
                    for adding a new card
       c            Toggle card comment on/off
       d            page down
       D            page down and select all cards in page
       h            move left
       j            move one line down
       J            move one line down and select card
       k            move one line up
       K            move one line up and select card
       l            move right
       t            Move keyboard focus to the "Tree" window
                    on the left
       u            page up
       U            page up and select all cards
       / or ?       Focus the "Search" input box
       #            Focus the "Goto" input box

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