Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F3.3} Editing

 The editing interface works like PowerPoint, you can apply commands
 to the card as a whole (copy, paste, clone...) or to the contents of
 the card, on each individual field

 Therefore there are two modes:
   1. Card mode: manipulate the cards as a unit (e.g. to copy, paste,
      delete, change order of cards);

   2. Edit mode: manipulate the contents of the card.

 Edit mode is activated immediately after adding a new Card,
 by hitting Enter or with the mouse click.

 To leave edit mode click the Esc or with the mouse click somewhere else.

 The active item (what) is highlighted with a grey rectangle and
 highlighted also in the card viewer below the editor.

 A range of cards can be selected with:
   - Shift + Mouse ;
   - Shift + Up/Down arrows;

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