Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F3.2.1} Card Groups

 FLUKA cards in flair are grouped into the following categories for
 easier accessing and more flexible editing of the input file:

 Category     Description
 ----------   -------------------------------------------------------
 General      Cards of general purpose (like TITLE, DEFAULTS, GLOBAL, etc..)

 Primary      Cards dealing with the definition of the primary starting particles

 Geometry     Cards related to the definition of the geometry bodies,
              regions, lattices plotting and rotations/translations

 ...Bodies    Subcategory containing only the bodies definitions

 ...Transformations  subcategory with only the geometrical
             transformation cards

 Media        Cards for the definition of materials

 Physics      Cards defining physics properties for the simulation

 Transport    Cards that modify the way particles are transported in FLUKA

 Biasing      Cards for importance biasing definition

 Scoring      Cards related to scoring

 Flair        Flair special cards e.g. drawing aids, text, lines etc...

 Preprocessor Preprocessor definitions for creating conditional input files

 Tree Structure

  + Input              Display the Input Editor complete file
  +--- General         Display only cards in the General category
  +--- Primary                 -//-   Primary category
  +--+ Geometry                -//-   Geometry category
  |  |
  |  +--- Bodies               -//-   Bodies category
  |  |
  |  +--- Transformations      -//-   Bodies transformations
  +--- Media                   -//-   Media category
  +--- Physics                 -//-   Physics category
  +--- Transport               -//-   Transport category
  +--- Biasing                 -//-   Biasing category
  +--- Scoring                 -//-   Scoring category
  +--- Developers              -//-   Developers category
  +--- Preprocessor            -//-   Preprocessor category

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