Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F2.6} Keyboard Shortcuts

 The following are a list of keyboard shortcuts without a menu item.
 For all other shortcuts please look at F2.2

 ------------- ---------------------------------------
 Ctrl-S save.gif     save project

 Ctrl-Z undo.gif     undo last action
 Ctrl-Y redo.gif     redo last undo

 Ctrl-X cut.gif     cut select items
 Ctrl-C copy.gif     copy select items
 Ctrl-V paste.gif     paste previously cut/copied items
 Ctrl-D clone.gif     clone selected item

 Ctrl-O output.gif     Toggle open/close output window

 F1 info.gif         open Help for selected item
 F2            rename current object

 Ctrl-Enter    Execute highlighted command of each frame
               [Input]        Insert new card
               [Compile]      Build the executable
               [Run:Run]      Run the simulation
               [Run:Data]     Merge data files
               [Plot]         Show the plot

 Ctrl-Space    Open the popup menu
               (equivalent to Right-Mouse-Click)

 List boxes
 ------------- ---------------------------------------
 Ctrl-A        Select All
 Ctrl-Shift-A  Select None
 Ctrl-H        Search and replace text
 Ctrl-G        Find next match
 Space         Select current item

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