Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F2.5.1} Windows tiling

 Multiple pages can be displayed at the same time. By clicking the
 pin pin_button.gif on the window title bar or by
 Ctrl-Clicking the tab.

only the ribbon of the active window (the one having the focus) will be displayed Once you have multiple windows you can re-arrange their position by dragging their title bar. Lets assume the following window layout grab-windows.gif Possible dragging locations: - close to the borders of flair main window (Yellow zones in the following figure), to occupy half of the flair space (half-top, half-bottom, half-right, half-left) grab-windows1.gif - close to the border of another window to occupy half of the space of the other window (Green zones) grab-windows2.gif - in the center of another window to be swapped with the other one (Blue zones) grab-windows3.gif
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