Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F2.2} Ribbon

 The ribbon is a combined menu and tool bar. It contains all
 possible actions for the active page grouped by category and
 importance (based on frequency of usage).


 Importance        Representation
 =========         =======================================
 High              bigger buttons with the text description
                   underneath (e.g. paste)

 Normal            standard buttons together with text description
                   on the right side (e.g. cut)

 Low               only with the standard button

 Lower             under a drop down menu (e.g. Show)
                   visible with the triangle_down.gif image

- also the group labels can have a drop down menu (e.g. Filter) - the order of commands is arranges logically from left-to-right, with the most important (or execute action) on the right
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