Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F2.1} Tabs

 In flair each tab corresponds to a specific page and a separate
 action of the program. The user can configure by drag-n-drop the
 order of the tabs as well which ones should appear permanently or
 are accessible under the dynamic tab.
 For detail information on each tab and the associate ribbon actions
 please go to the appropriate section in the manual

    [Flair]         project related I/O functions
                    (save, load, start from template, etc...)
                    display the project title and project notes.

    [Input]         editing of the FLUKA input file F3

    [Geometry]      interactive 2D and 3D geometry editor F4

    [Run]           running, inspecting the output files and data

    [Plot]          plot creation F5

    [Calculator]    scientific calculator with FLUKA constants
                    and physics functions

    [Compile]       compilation of FLUKA executable

    [Dicom]         DICOM importing to Voxel or USRBIN

    [Elements]      periodic table of elements

    [Materials]     material database

    [Output]        output viewer

    [Pet]           automatic PET geometry creation

    [Viewer]        file viewer

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