Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F1.4} Version Numbering

  Flair version numbering, has the form: flair-M.m-R
     M:   Major version, this number is increased by one only when a
          major modification in the structure of the program takes
          place. During the initial phase of development is 0.

     m:   Minor version, this number is increased by one every time an
          addition in the program's functionality is made.
          e.g. Adding new plotting forms, mechanism, databases etc.

     R:   Patch level, this number is increased when bug fixes take
          place or minor changes in the functionality.
          e.g. Addition of extra fields in a form etc.

  The About Dialog of the program displays the Major and minor version
  as well the CVS release number, every time changes in the program
  are committed to the CVS server.

  The Update dialog of flair will ask the user to check on the web
  every 30 days (default) for a new flair version (M.m) and FLUKA

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