Advanced graphical user interface for particle simulation programs
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F1.2.1} Command line options

Usage: flair [options] [filename]...

        -1              Load the first flair file in the folder
        --compile       Compile executable
        -d              Activate the beta-development features
        -D              Deactivate beta-development features (default)
        --data #        Process/Merge the data files of all or specific runs (no default)
                        Accepts patterns or comma separated names e.g. *  or foo* or foo,bar*
        --exe file      Fluka executable. (default: {FlukaDir}/bin/fluka)
        -h|-?|--help    print this help page
        -i/--ini file   Alternative configuration file (default: $HOME/.flair/flair.ini)
        -l | --list     List recent projects
        -p              enable profiling
        -P              disable profiling (default)
        -m #            Open a new project in mode
        --plots         Do all plots and save the files
        -r|--recent     Load most recent project
        -R #            Load recent project (number 1..10 or filename)
        -s              Skip About dialog
        -t # | --type # force import file type to load if different than .flair
                        Accepted types: flair fluka gdml mcnp moira penelope pickle
        -u | --update   Recalculate and save input file variables
        -v | --verbose  Increase verbosity level
        -V              Decrease verbosity level
        --noansi        disable ansi coloring on dumps

        filename[s]     flair project, input, imported files or directory
                        automatically detect type from file extension
                        extensions supported: <none|.flair>, .inp, .fluka,
                                              .moira, .mac[ro], .gdml
                                              .pickle, .mcnp

 Environment variables:
        PYTHON  Set this variable only in the case a different
                python installation is needed. The variable should
                point the python (V3) executable

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